I am reading a book series called Warriors. I am on the 2nd series so far. The 4th book in The New Prophecy is called Starlight, and that is the one I am currently reading. I find it upsetting that BrambleClaw and Squirrlflight arent getting along. Brambleclaw found out that Hawkfrost is his half brother, and wants to spend time with him. Squirrelflight doesnt trust Hawkfrost, and is getting upset at Brambleclaw. Now, she is spending time with Ashfur. I'm not really complaining though. This adds a greater impact on the storyline. Leafpaw is trying to figure out if their new home is the one that Starclan meant for them to find. Windclan is struggling because their new leader, Onewhisker, isn't strong enough to lead their clan. He doesn't have his 9 lives or his new leader name because they left the moonstone back at the forest. The medicine cats are having trouble because they can only speak with Starclan through dreams. Speaking of dreams, Brambleclaw had a dream about his father, Tigerstar and Hawkfrost. Tigerstar shared the fact that he does not hunt with Starclan. But if he doesn't hunt with our Warrior ancestors, who does he hunt with? I guess I will not find out unless I countinue reading. Firestar is still denying the fact that Graystripe was taken away. If he makes Brambleclaw deputy, people will be suspicious... because he is related to Tigerstar, and might have his greed for power. I still cant believe that Mousefur joined the elders. she was such good warrior and now she cant even fight. They recently showed 2 new kittypet characters. Im hoping they will somehow get involved, but I don't know how the clans will react to them. I am glad that I am getting this far in the series, but I know that I still have a lot of books to read! Byeeee.